.accurate measuring

.immediate deployment

.simple control

“When you want to know how much loose material you have on a conveyor belt.”


The VolIS is standardised for use with other equipment. During use other machines and systems of operation are not interfered with. Thanks to its low demands on space and non-contact principle of measuring it is suitable for different types of operations and for measuring on various conveyor belts.

Complete overviews.

The system offers an overview of the current loading of the conveyor belt and volume of transported material. It allows signalling when the preconfigured amount of material has been shifted.

Data for analysis.

The system saves data about measurements and converts it into clear reports. It provides information for later analyses, according to which the customers optimise production and improve the effectiveness of the working procedure and use of conveyor belts.

What is VolIs?

VolIS is an optical control system for measuring the volume of loose materials moving on a conveyor belt. It can be easily installed in existing equipment. VolIS measures volume gained by the optical method, and thanks to this it measures volume more precisely than during a conversion from the weight of material or other properties.

The system records the current volume on the conveyor belt and offers various overviews, including current mass of material.

How does VolIs work?

The beams of a laser scanner determine the volume according to the measured distance from the material in comparison with an empty conveyor belt, which serves as a reference profile for it. The results of measurement are transferred to the display in real time.

Using a touchscreen control panel, the belt operator can monitor the overviews and use diagnostic tools.

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Technical information:

  • Contactless measurement
  • Measuring is independent of the dampness and weight of material
  • Easy to integrate into existing line
  • Support for variable speed of conveyor belt
  • Measured volume transferred via digital and analogue signals

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