Tomorrow you will laugh about today’s problems.

Thanks to our solutions!

Are you overburdened by quality control? Do you have problems with precise measurement? Are you losing material, time and money because of it? We can help you with that. Our industrial processing for automation already resolves many such problems, for others we recommend to you the design and implementation of a solution according to your requirements.

Our solutions



System for calculating the volume of loose materials on conveyor belts.

Do you worry about the inaccurate calculations of volumes of loose materials? We have a simple solution for you – the Volis measuring system, which serves to calculate the volume of loose materials on conveyor belts.

Volis needs one measure once, and after that it looks after precise measurement itself.


Pin Inspector

System for checking the placing of press-fit printed circuit boards.

Thanks to the Pininspector optical checking system, which checks the correct fitting of connectors on printed circuit boards, we have saved our clients much material and quality claims.

During the press-fit process we at first carry out a check of the correct application of a connector before pressing, and then its precise position after pressing.

IVC Viewer

System for displaying data from IVC cameras from the company SICK.

Is the information which your IVC high-speed camera gives you insufficient? Does it bother you that the IVC camera halts faulty products, but you are incapable of determining where the problem is?

Use IVC Viewer – a system which expands the possibilities of your IVC camera from the company SICK and provides you with important data.


Evaluation of technical feasibility of introduction of new system.

Are you undecided about whether the introduction of a camera system will be worth it? Are you not sure about whether it is technically possible to introduce a system in your company? We will happily discuss the introduction of a system with you and prepare a feasibility study which will provide you with all the information to make the right decision.

Contact us.



Camera system for checking completeness of jigsaw puzzles.

Does it happen that you find you are missing the last piece in your jigsaw puzzles? Do you not know how to check the completeness of jigsaw puzzles? The optical inspection system Puzzle Inspector will save you time with a quick, high-quality check on the individual jigsaw puzzles.

It always detects missing pieces.



Software tailored to customers.

Do you have a specific problem to which you cannot find a simple solution? Entrust it to us. On the basis of a project feasibility study we will prepare a solution which exceeds your requirements.

You can then rely on custom software which will save your time and money.

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