.reliable optical control system

.automatic signalling

.minimal configuration

“When you can’t find the last piece.”

Without configuration.

Puzzle Inspector doesn’t have to be configured or switched before checking different types of jigsaw puzzles. It creates a 3D model of the jigsaw puzzle and according to it detects any defect or missing part. On one line jigsaw puzzles with different pictures, sizes, numbers of pieces or types of cut out can go on after the other.

Simple control.

Puzzle Inspector is controlled using just a few buttons. All you have to do is start the line, switch on Puzzle Inspector and launch the check. The control camera system handles everything else automatically. A defect is announced to the machine operator by a light or sound.

Data for analysis.

The system saves data about checks and converts it into clear reports. It provides information for later analysis according to which customers optimise production, discovers the origin of defects and reduce the overall error rate in production.

What is it?

Puzzle Inspector is an optical control system ensuring that jigsaw puzzles are complete during production. Its configuration is simple and the check is automatic. There is no need to configure it especially for various types of jigsaw puzzle.

It can check several jigsaw puzzles in a row with different sizes and numbers of pieces. It also records the results of the check for later analysis.

How does it work?

Puzzle Inspector checks the completeness of jigsaw puzzles using a camera system and lasers. In the software it creates a 3D models which ensures the check and discovers defects and missing pieces.

When a defect is found, the personnel is informed by a light or audio signal, and the belt is halted for a visual check by the employee.

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Technical information:

  • Contactless measuring during production of jigsaw puzzles
  • High precision of measurement
  • Check on various shapes of jigsaw puzzle
  • Simple introduction

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