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What is Plantac, and how can it help you?

Do you want to get involved in software development for project administration which would be tailored to your requirements and would resolve all your shortcomings in the field of management of projects, project control and project management?

Is flexibility and correct reaction to your needs and the needs of your customers important for you? Do you have specific requirements for project management, project administration and control of projects, but you don’t know how to go about it? Do you want to improve corporate communication, information for managers, to automate routine, to simplify and clarify the delegation and management of tasks, to increase the profitability of projects and save time for workers?

Plantac is on-line software focussing on effective project administration, and management of project budgets and deadlines.

How Plantac differs from competing products:

Simplicity and speed of “tailored” adjustments.

Speed of implementation.

Intuitive environment – you do not need long-winded and complex training.

Automation of processes – automatic creation of project offers.

Creation of pre-calculation and post-calculation.

Defined clear structure of working processes.

Sharing of information and accesses with external customers and suppliers.

Comparison of original project plan with current state of project.

Automatic generation of emails to subcontractors as a result of impending deadline.

For whom is the system intended, and how does it help in managing the work/company?

Plantac is a project management software focussing on companies that need to coordinate work in teams. The tool is intended for use by people from top management, for members of a team and for customers or suppliers. The Plantac system supports the actual defining of various types of roles, rights and accesses.

For managers

Assignment and control of tasks

Planning and management of concurrent projects

Planning, utilisation and control of resources

Budget control

People management

Designating hierarchy of participants

Management warnings – exceeded budget, deadline, completion

Monitoring profitability of projects, activities or entire departments

Evaluation of weaknesses in project implementation

Automation of technological processes and project thanks to project templates

Discover of new ways to adhere to deadlines

Easy control of hours worked

For workers

Clear specification and wording of tasks

Calendar and milestones with tasks and activities

All information about the projects to hand – contacts, project documentation

Planning of attendance and holiday in view of utilisation of resources

Simple recording of time worked

Assignment of roles and rights to customers, suppliers and external colleagues

Monitoring adherence to deadlines

How does Plantac work?

The aim is to create a very clear and effective tool for project management in the cloud environment. The users log into the system via the web interface of the cloud service in the internet browser, so they can log into Plantac from anywhere.

The data actualization is taking place in a real time and therefore the users can give feedbacks in time. The system contains a storage for project documentation related to the project. Based on predefined access rights, all project participants have the access to this storage. Plantac can create price quotations due to all inputs and information that are entered to the system. Therefore, any project can be managed according to a set budget. Thanks to Plantac you can manage the inspection, organise employees within project teams and the project can be finished with given budget in time.

By using Plantac you can easily get an answer to the question about which of your projects are the most profitable. And in contrast you can focus on those projects which are interesting for your company. You will find the weaknesses in project implementation and new ways to meet deadlines.

What are the main advantages of Plantac – project management software.

Clarity - extremely easy use and simple configuration.

Online planning and management of tasks and human resources.

Online sharing of information and accesses with external customers and suppliers.

Online monitoring of project budget.

Access from anywhere.

Automation of technological processes – automatic creation of project offer.

Saving project documentation.

Sending warnings to project members via email.

Unique support over long term.

Possible import and export of data.

The company data is safely and reliably backed up.

The project structure can be configured according to customer needs.

Automatically generated messages about impending expiry of deadlines.

Defining of clear structure of working processes and company communication.

Are you interested?

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Technical information:

  • Clarity - extremely easy to use
  • Online scheduling and task management
  • Access from anywhere
  • Possibility of data import and export
  • Process automatisation
  • Online reporting

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