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“Perfect checking of placement of printed circuit boards.”




What is Pininspector?

Pininspector is an optical control system which checks the connection of connectors with printed circuit boards performed via the press-fit method. The system has low demands on space and can be installed in various press-fit machines. For faster detection it is possible to expand the system to include several high-speed cameras.

The results of the checks can be recorded for later analysis.

Rapid configuration.

Do you often switch between different printed circuit boards on the production line, and does the constant reconfiguration slow you down? In the Pininspector system you can configure the new layout of connectors in just a few minutes.

Contactless measurement.

The system performs precise measurement using the triangulation method, which is performed using a linear laser and special industrial camera. Thanks to this method measuring is precise and has low demands on maintenance.

Data for analysis.

The system saves data about checks and converts it into clear reports. It provides information for later analysis according to which customers optimise production, discover the origin of defects and reduce the overall error rate in production.

How does Pininspector work?

Pininspector uses the data from a high-speed camera to create a 3D model of the printed circuit boards and perform a check on the correctness of insertion of the printed circuit boards according to the preconfigured data. It only takes a few minutes to configure a new printed circuit board. The check is performed in two steps – before and after press-fit.

Defects are reported to the superior system. In addition a picture of the incorrectly pressed printed circuit board is displayed to the operator of the monitor of the control PC.

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  • Contactless measurement
  • High level of precision
  • Check before and after pressing
  • Adaptable communication protocol
  • Simple management of checkable printed circuit boards
  • Low level of maintenance

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