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.the camera is not a "BLACK BOX"

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“If you need to see more using an IVC camera.”


IVC Viewer is the only optical unit on the market which works with IVC high-speed cameras from the company SICK. Thanks to cooperation with the company SICK we have created a unique system which expands the functionality of cameras and simplifies control.

Discovery of problem with IVC Viewer.

The system records data gained from the camera and saves it on a disc for later checking. It saves the pictures of the individual checked products and the measured data, which it converts into summarised reports. The processed data can serve to reveal the origin of defects.

Simple control.

The system not only reads and saves data from the camera, but it also makes it possible to change the monitored data and adjust the parameters where the product is accepted during control. It is not necessary to perform a complicated reconfiguration of the program in the high-speed camera. Everything can be controlled using a touchscreen display.

What is IVC Viewer?

IVC Viewer is an optical unit which adds additional functions to IVC cameras from the company SICK. Although IVC cameras check products on lines, they do not provide information as to why the product was marked as defective. IVC Viewer resolves this problem.

It provides all the necessary information about measurement and saves it for later analysis.

How does IVC Viewer work?

For correct operation it is first necessary to configure the high-speed camera’s program so that it is compatible with IVC Viewer. IVC Viewer takes data from the camera and transfers it to a panel computer, where the data can be monitored in a real time.

The optical control system allows the easy configuration and change of the setting of the camera for detection of faulty products.

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  • It displays the picture along with the results of the analysis
  • It generates statistics of the products’ error rate
  • It saves the history of measurement
  • It allows the configuration of parameters of analysis
  • It contains an FTP server for remote access
  • Support for user rights

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