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.tried and tested technology

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“When paper and excel aren’t enough.”

Comprehensive solution

We create custom software in order to solve a problem which you come to us with, and it is ready for possible expansion and alterations according to the future needs of our clients. The advantage of our corporate information systems is maximum effectiveness and simplicity.

Automation of technological processes.

We have experience with the introduction and development of systems for many companies. We know all the places where companies can lose effectiveness. When developing systems we apply our experience with the automation of technological processes in compliance with internal procedures of clients.

Competitive advantage.

Companies competing in the same field often experience the same or similar problems. Clients using our systems are one jump ahead – they save costs, utilise effective procedures and save time.

What you can expect?

Our team of professionals focuses on resolving your problem via original custom software. Our job is to solve problems, not create new ones.

For the development of information systems we use our own Davis technology, on the basis of which we have already created many successful information systems.

How do we develop information systems?

The basis of our custom software production is ongoing communication with the client and the detailing of requirements. After preparation of an initial analysis we are capable of creating any corporate information system in cooperation with the client. At ongoing intervals we supply the current version to clients for testing.

We launch corporate information systems and train the personnel who will use them.

Are you interested?

Contact us via the contact formular, email or telephone.

We will be happy to meet you and to discuss how we can help you.


  • Tailored solution according to requirements
  • Quality design on the basis of many years of experience
  • Comprehensively tested software
  • Close cooperation with client
  • From project feasibility study to post-sales support
  • Rapid development with use of Davis platform

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