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“Where most of inspection is taken up by paperwork.”

Internet application

The corporate information system allows users access from any computer connected to the internet. Thanks to this it is always ready for use. You don’t have to worry about your data, because it is saved on secure servers.

Data checking

The software can automatically prefill the data from a preceding inspection in the protocol. At the same time during data entry it points out unusual values which could be incorrect. It is capable of automatically calculating the monitored values, for example machine run-down time, from the entered data.

Protocols according to standard

The protocols in the system are configured in such a way that they correspond to the relevant standards and security regulations. At present the system supports protocols for measuring the run-down time and for tests of contact-free protective equipment.

What is Inspection Manager?

Inspection Manger is a system which significantly saves time during machine inspection and eliminates errors during the completion of protocols. It leads to and makes accessible detailed records of protocols preceding inspections and prevents later manipulation of protocols.

For each inspection it generates a protocol in the PDF format. The system supports the issue of protocols in various languages.

How does Inspection Manager work?

During inspection activity, in the system the inspector selects a specific company and equipment subject to inspection. The system shows him the results of the preceding inspections and pre-completes the data in the new protocol. On the basis of standards it warns of incorrect and suspect technical data.

Upon generation of a protocol in PDF for printing the data is locked, and later manipulation is not permitted.

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  • Summarised analyses for inspections
  • Availability from anywhere
  • Checking of input data
  • Safely saved protocols
  • Clear display of values of preceding measurements
  • Simple and fast data entry

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