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“If you want to know whether it will be feasible.”


One part of each feasibility study is the initial analysis. On its basis, we are able to evaluate whether the problem can be solved. After, we can propose the problem solution to our clients.


When feasibility is being ascertained, we work closely with our clients and communicate with them regularly, and they provide us with feedback. The involvement of our expert team imposes minimal demands on the clients’ time and personnel capacity.


One part of every feasibility study is testing of the system prototype under laboratory conditions or in our clients’ companies. All the results of testing are summarised in a final report, including other important data.

What is it?

A feasibility study is an analysis of the possibilities of the technical solution of a problem on the basis of which it is discovered whether it is possible to solve the problem with our help. We perform a feasibility study for camera systems working with 2D and 3D cameras and laser scanners.

The resultant study offers the necessary information which makes it easier for our customers to decide whether to introduce the system.

Procedure for ascertaining feasibility

On the basis of a list of requirements and source information from clients we generate an initial analysis in which we propose possible solutions to the problem. We select the optimal one with the clients. Then we perform a feasibility study under laboratory conditions or by putting a prototype device in the customer’s operation.

The customer finds an evaluation of the tests in the final report along with complete data, including price calculation.

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  • Data for qualified decision about introduction of complex system
  • Analysis of principal limits of system
  • Estimate of time and material demands
  • Analysis of possible solutions of assignment

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