Linear Light

“High intensity lighting for high speed line cameras.”

What is it?

Linear light DV-LILI offers breakthrough performance with high-light intensity. The light is primarily created to be an accessory for high-speed line cameras and enhances sufficient illumination intensity even when using high-scanning speeds.

However, it finds its use in all applications where it is necessary to illuminate a narrow strip using a high-intensity light.

LED diodes.

Linear light DV-LILI contains LED (Light Emitting Diode) diodes that are just right light source for such use because the emitted light distinguishes by high luminance with small dimensions and heat losses.

Compared to other light sources LED has a long life time.

Unique communication interface

The main advantage of the Linear Light DV- LILI is its unique iagnostic communication interface. This interface sends a message every second with information about the current status of the light to the superior system. The superior system receives information about light intensity, temperatures of light segments and the setup of the trigger. From this information the system can effectively monitor light’s status and inform an operator whether any maintenance is required. Also contained in the message is information about the actual state of the trigger signal and how many trigger events occurred since the previous message.

Additionally, the communication with the light is bi-directional. This allows settings messages to be sent to the light from the superior system. Operators can remotely set the light power output and regulate the illumination of a scanned object. They can also set up the behavior of the trigger signal. This can be active in one of three different configurations: high signal, low signal or inactive. When it is inactive, the light is fully controlled by the superior system.

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  • Light size is variable according to the customer
  • Use of light-emitting diodes (LED)
  • Long life
  • High-intensity light with low-heat output
  • High-quality and rugged aluminum chassis
  • Power supply 24V/8A for 80 cm version

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