.rapid access from anywhere

.simple assignment of tasks

.clear design

“So you don’t get overwhelmed by people management.”

Internet application

You can access the Datim information system from any internet connected computer via web browsers. You don’t have to worry about your data, because it is saved on our servers.


Users have a constant overview of their employees’ workflow in the field, on business trips or at remote branches. The corporate information system offers the possibility of operatively assigning and changing tasks according to the free capacities of employees.

Monitor your growth

Datim provides managers with data about productivity of employees and the speed with which they handle various tasks. Managers have an overview of their employees´ strengths and weaknesses and they can subsequently assign tasks to utilise the entire potential of their team.

What is Datim?

Datim is a corporate information system for human resource management, the management of working tasks or administration of projects which you can use whether you are a company operating in offices or in the field. Datim organises work, monitors the fulfilment of tasks and provides you with much useful data.

Thanks to the clear user environment and pleasant graphics, the use of the system is very simple.

How does Datim work?

In the Datim system the tasks for the individual workers, including various parameters, are configured. The manager can assign tasks to his subordinates, or the employees themselves can schedule and plan their working tasks.

You can monitor the course of work in real time or analyse it from the clear reports.

Are you interested?

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  • Availability from anywhere
  • Monitoring of plan in contrast with reality
  • Definition of own activities
  • Clear reports
  • Simple control
  • Monitoring of utilisation
  • Support for user roles

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