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“If you need to ensure the transfer of data from front office to back office.”

Procedures of CNB

The system works according to procedures designated by the law and methodologies of the CNB (Czech National Bank) for specific types of financial operations. At present it supports forex operations, money market operations, operations with bonds, repo operation and account allocations.

Overview of current figures

The corporate information system makes accessible current information and long-term overviews of financial operations. Authorised persons can monitor internal cashflow of the organisation and check the currency position online. Management has complete overviews of financial transactions of the institution at their disposal.

Informing clients

The corporate information system offers the possibility of informing clients about the course of implementation of financial transactions. The clients have a general overview of the performed financial operations and can immediately take the steps associated with the transaction.

What is Dafos?

Dafos is a corporate information system especially developed for financial companies. It ensures the financial management of a company and effective communication between front and back office. It speeds up the implementation of financial transactions. It supports standard working processes performed on the financial market and works with all currencies given in the table of exchange rates of the CNB.

The system has a web interface which does not require complicated installation – all you need is internet access.

How does Dafos work?

The worker at the branch enters the required financial operation in the system, including the necessary details, for later data and analysis. Back office workers have the data immediately prepared for implementation of the transaction.

In the system, it is possible to choose from various financial operations, methods of negotiation, types of portfolios and to fill in all required information.

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  • Clear analyses and their outputs.
  • Automation of technological processes
  • Checking of input data
  • Recording of changes
  • Multilevel access
  • Automatically generated information emails

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